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The school does not provide housing or childcare for students; however, a current listing of available rental units, local public transportation, and childcare information is available by contacting the school Director.

At ITI we are aware that transportation can sometimes be an obstacle. Therefore, we offer students bus passes at a discounted rate so that they can get to and from school without any worries. Attendance is very important to ensure the success and completion of our programs. Bus passes are ordered mid-month for the following month.


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Special Needs

From time to time, students may face special needs which affect their ability to comfortably continue their training. A Campus Director of Education is available to assist students individually to address special needs. Our goal is to help develop a solution that facilitates students individually to have the ability to successfully complete their program of study. For specific hardship assistance, you may visit the following website:



Students are encouraged to make an appointment in order to receive advising regarding their academic progress, placement opportunities and other related matters. All advising done to students is documented on an advising form. Counseling services are available specifically dealing with student education qualifications, and relevant coping skills, to all students including the ability-to- benefit population. These services are available at the school by appointment. Students needing these services will be directed to appropriate counselor.


A library/resource center of professional reference books is available for student use. Students may also use the School‘s Internet access for research and to obtain information. The library is open on weekdays (Monday – Thursday 9 am to 9 pm) and Friday - Saturday (9 am to 4 pm).


Student records are permanently retained by the school and protected against fire, vandalism, and other perils. Student‘s records are available to students upon individual request. Student records will be provided to potential employers only after written request has been made by the student.


The institution offers career services and information on job openings to its student and graduates. Inquiries made to the school from potential employers will be posted on the bulletin board. Upon successful completion of the program, the school will assist each graduate with job placement; however, the school does not guarantee employment. Placement services are provided to all graduates, without additional charge.


As part of our compliance with ACCSC standards, the institution must disclose the most recently reported rates for completion and placement for all accredited programs:

PCT93% (Population 62 of 67)85% (Population 53 of 62)
HHA100% (Population 37 of 37)73% (Population 27 of 37)
CBA85% (Population 11 of 13)73% (Population 8 of 11)


Complaints and grievances will be handled in a reasonable manner. The first step a student should take when they have a grievance is to speak to the Instructor and/or the Director of the School. Once a complaint is received the nature of the complaint will be investigated and a reasonable solution will be reached for all concerned parties. In the event that the disagreement continues unresolved, the parties may bring the issue(s) to the Board of Directors for further review.

Schools accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges must have a procedure and operational plan for handling student complaints. If a student does not feel that the school has adequately addressed a complaint or concern, the student may consider contacting the Accrediting Commission. All complaints reviewed by the Commission must be in written form and should grant permission for the Commission to forward a copy of th e complaint to the school for a response. This can be accomplished by filing the ACCSC Complaint Form. The complainant(s) will be kept informed as to the status of the complaint as well as the final resolution by the Commission.

A copy of the ACCSC Complaint Form is available at the school and may be obtained by contacting Edward Cordoba, School Director, or online at